Tradesmate Description

What it does

Tradesmate is a simple but effective app that makes life easier out on the job, using a mobile phone, or at home on a laptop / desktop.

It will

  • record a job in less than 1 minute
  • amend a job or tasks
  • remind you of what work is outstanding – a diary of upcoming jobs
  • record and amend job reminders for work to be done in the future e.g. M.O.T. or Boiler maintenance
  • take a photo image, before and after, of work done, if required
  • always show uninvoiced jobs
  • record and amend a direct invoice ( no job )
  • allow direct invoices to repeat - subscription or regular service e.g. weekly care bill
  • register payments against an outstanding invoice
  • record and amend stock purchased
  • allocate stock to a job
  • record a purchase invoice
  • register payments against an outstanding purchase invoice

  • generate a huge number of meaningful reports
  • provide credit control functions if required
  • even store your ideas for later development

If you choose the forward facing option, you can have

  • your own domain name
  • your own email address or use your existing one
  • your own contact details
  • your own brochure page, by category if required
  • your own SEO details – we can help
  • your own styling - logo and background image
  • your own social media link